Winter Busking: Kit & Caboodle: Songs that Tickle the Imagination PART 1

This is a recording from a "LIVE" Facebook broadcast - winter busking!

This busking concert features the music of a children's album called "KIT & CABOODLE", original music for children by poet/writer Betsy Rosenberg and me, Rahel. All songs are originals by Betsy Rosenberg and Ann R. Silverman-Limor (aka Rahel) c 1993 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

The songs are fun and inspire the curiosity and imagination of young children. Children aged from three (3) and up will likely enjoy this CD immensely! Younger children will love it too as will adults!

The songs featured on this video clip (part 1 of more to come!) are:

1. Ooey Gooey
2. Princess Everyday
3. The Scaredy Song
4. Searching for a Whale

The actual CD includes twelve (12) original songs with full band accompaniment. The musicians all live(d) in Israel at the time of the recording and are all superb professionals in the field.

Here is a link to the song lyrics (all rights reserved!):

If you'd like to download the full CD please go to this link:

To inspire more creative activity and productions of Kit & Caboodle, we created a website for you to peruse and enjoy. You can see photos from past workshops and productions and learn more about our work at:

Go to this link to see some of the fabulous children's artwork that was inspired from the songs on the album:

This is part of my "Winter Busking" series via ACOUSTIC BREEZES page on Facebook: --- Also on my Instagram at: Please go there and LIKE and FRIEND, FOLLOW or whatever you need to do to become informed when these happen.

Please go to my YOUTUBE channel for Part 2 of Kit & Caboodle and enjoy all the other wonderful music and video clips available to you there!


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