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An Incredible Life

My favorite Korean-Pop singer, XIA Kim Junsu in his song called, INCREDIBLE, states:

Something INCREDIBLE - Something so magical - 하늘이 맺어준 운명의  Destiny's Miracle - That the Heaven's have made
You got me screamin’- You got me singing -You somethin’, somethin’- INCREDIBLE
Dance version:
My favorite acoustic version: 

   Yes, my life has always been incredible, full of adventure and rich experiences. This past year or so, since I decided to spread my wings and "fly", life has become even more incredible than I could have ever imagined. My life took on new twists and turns the minute I decided to sell my house, store the belongings I still felt I could not part with, and then hit the road with my guitar and two suitcases in tow (one for basics and one with my musical equipment). I had some general ideas in mind but knew that ultimately I would simply go wherever the Wind would blow me (Wind being capitalized to imply G-d). As John Lennon so aptly put it in his song, "

Kindness in Hong Kong

Paul Simon sang, "Michigan seems like a dream to me now". Replace the word, "Michigan" with "Hong Kong". Yes, Hong Kong seems like a dream to me now.

   I recently sojourned to Hong Kong for five days . It was the week of Pessach (Passover). I brought matzah, macaroons and matzah ball mix with me as gifts to my hosts. Yes, I know that sounds a bit strange but my hosts were (are) Christian "believers" who strongly support Israel and the Jews. No, this was not an exodus from Egypt nor a journey through the desert however in many ways it was most certainly another test of my faith and devotion as a Jew in today's world. (Please see an important note at the end of this blog post).

Here is the story....

   The purpose of my visit to Hong Kong was to submit my application to the Korean Embassy for an E-6 visa. In order to change one's visa status in Korea it is necessary to apply from outside of the country. Any country outside of Korea wou…