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Performing Musician Chronicles 1

Enjoy the song. THIS JOURNEY OF YOU. c Ann R. Silverman-Limor aka Rahel All Rights Reserved
Life as a musician. Wow, was this really nine years ago? Jason "Skulls" Freitas and I formed a duo we called "ROOTES". We played my original music in venues and festivals in and around New Hampshire and Massachusetts. 

On this particular day we were invited to perform at what was slated to be a huge music rock festival in Manchester, NHThe Granite Rock Music Festival was meant to be a fundraiser for "Toys for Tots" organized by a team of college students or group called "Applause for the Cause". They had done everything right. They advertised everywhere and flyers were posted all over town. At the site trailers were provided for the musicians with snacks and drinks. Very respectable. They even had carnival rides in place. Everything looked as if it would be the perfect rock festival featuring awesome local talent. 

Well, as my song states, you "nev…