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In All Kinds of Weather~

I think the hardest job of all is trying to pack for an extended trip, a trip that can last anywhere from one month to one year or more in all seasons and in all kinds of weather. Fortunately I am not the first traveler doing such a journey. I have been researching the Internet where there seems to be an endless supply of articles, websites, blogs and video clips from seasoned travelers who offer great advice. Most of these travelers, however, are much younger than I am. They offer some very good advice but as soon as I come to my senses and remember that I'm not in my 20's anymore I realize that I have some changes to make! I will have to adapt their advice to my needs as an older traveler. I suppose, in fact, that anyone would need to do that regardless of age.

There is just soooooooooo much to know and prepare for:

Choosing your luggage. After endless sightseeing - - or surfing the web and traipsing through different stores and malls, I've settled on a lightweight yet ro…
When I turned 60 I realized that what lay ahead right in front of me was the opportunity of a lifetime. The kids were now grown and living their own independent lives. There were no grandchildren yet. I was still healthy, thanks the L-rd, but work and income were dwindling to the bare minimum and it was getting harder to sustain myself with so little coming in. Even so, I felt comfortable where I was in New Hampshire. I had my cat to keep me company and an endless stream of Korean dramas to keep me happy.

At 60, in one's 7th decade, the reality is that many of my friends are living restricted lives... their finances are limited, some have large debt, many are still working to support a house and a maintain a comfortable lifestyle. At this age many friends have new health issues to contend with that limit their abilities. They are bound to doctors and medications and must adapt to a forced sense of retirement. With all this around me the truth was that I, although healthy, was m…