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Seoul Experiences a la Airbnb #1: Gangnam with Brian


   It's Friday in Seuol. My phone buzzed a few alerts for extreme heat and bad ozone. I had planned to stay in this morning anyway.

   I've now been here officially one week. I have mastered the art of subway/Metro riding which, in my humble opinion, is nicer than traveling by bus (with which I have also become acquainted).

   The Seoul subway system is quite extraordinary, but be forewarned. It's a complete multi-layered labyrinth where one must negotiate long lobbies, many stairs (there are elevators if need be), escalators and a large population of subway riders. It's done wonders for my exercise and weight loss program!

   Each subway line is numbered and color coded. There are a few that have actual line names ie Bundang line and such. That threw me at first but now I know. There are signs in Korean and English pointing the way. I notice many Koreans trying to find their way too.

   When you arrive at the right line be sure you are going …

Hot Summer Travelers & Troubadours; Travelers Tips

Before I set out traveling I watched a gzillion YouTube videos that are available online. They are produced by avid travelers of all kinds, younger and older. Most offer great advice for young backpackers and middle aged vacationers. The older crowd seems to join various organized group tours. In any case I took notes and am slowly learning what really works best for me.

   Sadly musicians have offered pretty much nothing for advice on the road unless you're a traveling band. IF any of the musicians out there are reading this, PLEASE offer some good advice for the solo traveling troubadour. I've pointed out a few tips below that I have learned so far. Much more is needed and welcome.  

   First of all for the older traveler I highly advise taking it slow. Rent an Airbnb(apts, homes and rooms for travelers), stay somewhere for a while and enjoy what interests you at a normal daily pace. Airbnb's have bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and more. It's like a home away from …

NEW RELEASE!! Fan Letter: To Dylan from Israel

"Collaboration with Rahel has been a pleasure.   I think her music gives the words the right energy."  (Esther Cameron)

I am proud and thrilled to announce the release of another musical collaboration.  A great addition to our HEALING LIGHT PROJECT

Listen, Share & Download:  FAN LETTER: TO DYLAN FROM ISRAEL

   While in Israel, as part of my 2018 traveling and touring, my good friend introduced me to a fabulous woman who is a poet and author. Minna Leah had a hunch we might get along. We did. (Thank you!)

Esther Cameron is a poet, essayist and translator with a Ph.D. in German and a J.D.  Born in New York, grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, has lived in Cambridge MA, Berkeley CA, Buffalo NY, Seattle WA, and Jerusalem, Israel; now lives in Ma'aleh Adumim (on the way from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea) and writes mostly in Hebrew.  She edits The Deronda Review and Point and Circumference.  Her Collected Works in six volumes are available on

Esther has an interesting li…

Help! I'm in a K-Drama!

My cell phone buzzed a frantic alert this morning. Apparently alerts come with the Sim card and are sent over by text in Korean. So I called my airbnb host, who is a policeman, to ask him if I was in some kind of danger. He explained it was just weather related; an advisory to stay inside today due to the extreme heat and subsequent bad air quality, I am heeding the call and instead writing another blog post. ALERT! Be prepared. It's a long-winded one but the quality is hopefully good! In any case, I'll plan to go out later tonight when the sun goes down! I've also signed up for a "Walking Tour of Gangnam by Moonlight" for tomorrow. Looks like my speed!

   I am thrust into a nomadic life now as I follow a musical path around the world. More about that below. Now that I'm actually here I am wondering, "Whatever was I thinking???"

   It was enough just to step out of the airbnb apartment to feel like I have now been transported into one of my K-dr…