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Every time I open my mouth to say my age I get confused. Am I really 64 years old? Somehow it  just doesn't make sense. I simply cannot understand that number. And yet, if you do the math it seems to be correct.

   I've been a traveler now since January 25th this year. I sold my house, minimized and put the leftovers in a storage unit. Why? Because when you reach the age of 64 you find that most of your friends have become stationary/fixed in their ways. They seem happy to stay just where they are. Comfortable even if not completely happy. We experience more aches and pains. Perhaps our families have grown and we spend more time with extended families. It's harder to find time to socialize with friends. In some cases illness or physical issues are now obstacles. I get it. It was not easy to pack up and go.

   Me? I thrive on change, diversity, the unexpected, and spontaneity. I have a youthful demeanor. I take measures to try to stay healthy by staying away from doctor…