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Seoul Music

I've been back in Seoul for the past month. I haven't engaged in sightseeing the way I did when I first arrived last year in July. I came this time hoping to learn more about the music scene and to see if I might find a place in it. This time I've been looking for gigs - places where I might be able to share my own songs with an interested audience. At some point I would like to study more about Korean traditional music and  instruments but for now I am exploring my own path.

   In modern day Seoul there is a wealth of venues where artists can put themselves on display. Musicians can be found performing their own original music, as well as the songs and music of well-known artists in all styles and genres, in clubs, restaurants, bookstores and outside in the designated busking areas. There is also a section of the city, the Nakwon Arcade, that houses a strip mall just for music stores.

   Seoul is definitely the city for arts and culture; a huge overwhelming city with l…

That Stuff about Twin Souls....

This post is a continuation of my post called "Believe it or Not". I have spent time learning more about the phenomenon called "Twin Souls", which is not at all the same as a "Soulmate".  Most of us buy into the Disney-implanted ideal of a romantic counterpart who will coming riding on a white horse to steal our hearts away. Or maybe Cinderella and Prince Charming? I have to admit that I resent the existence of these fantasies and myths that Disney has made his fortune on. But hey, that's not the subject of this posting! 
   We cannot know for sure what exists beyond our physical reality. Trust and faith play a huge part in believing that souls travel through lifetimes, some even meet again to fulfill a particular purpose. I recently met such a person; someone with whom, we both agreed, we have apparently shared other lifetimes. The meeting again of our souls seems to be the reason or the "force" that I felt was pulling me to South Korea p…

Believe it or Not

According to many spiritual teachers, all human beings are, in reality, spiritual beings on a human journey.We reincarnate as human beings in order to evolve as souls. (Source

   Life is a journey of never-ending plot twists.

   When asked why I wanted to travel to South Korea I offered a few reasons: "I've never been to Asia," and "I want to present a song to my favorite K-Pop singer, XIA Kim Junsu."

   The truth is that, while those answers are absolutely true, there was another more subtle underlying reason. Something was pulling me there. A feeling, an energy, a force.... pulling me only to South Korea. I had no desire really to visit anywhere else in the region. Just South Korea. Why? 
   I arrived on July 13th at Incheon Airport in Seoul. I had just spent almost four months in Israel with family. It was a long flight even from Israel but I was prepared. I had done a lot of research. I knew what I had to do upon arrival. I took my time at the airport cat…