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Making a Music Video in Korea with Taiwanese Singer Wu Tsing Fong

I had a very fortunate opportunity to work on a music video for celebrity singer, Wu Tsing Fong, from Taiwan, who came to South Korea to make the video. Fourteen "foreign" actors from the Seoul community were brought in for the shoot. I was lucky to be one of them. The shoot took two full days. The company that produced the video is Digipediin Seoul, South Korea. They have produced a slew of videos for many celebrities and pop"idols" in Korea including the famous, Psy and my K-pop and musical actor fave, Xia Kim Junsu.  
   I developed a huge respect for Digipedi after having worked with them. They treated each and every one of us, regardless of our status, as if we were celebrities! We arrived early to a studio outside of Seoul. Our group of actors was transported there in a large black van that was nicely equipped with a video screen and luxurious seats to relax in. Upon our arrival our first "job" was to go to the cafeteria and eat a catered breakfas…

I'm a Journalist in Korea 3: Seoul-Searching at Sejong Theater: Xcalibur

Seoul-Searching at Sejong Theater: Xcalibur- Seoul-Searching is Soul Searching- The Journey of Arthur to find himself to be a king 기사등록 2019-06-24 10:47:50수정 2019-06-24 10:52:40

[NEWS PORTAL STARTODAY] There’s a new musical playing at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul, featuring, among so many very talented actors, singers and musicians, Korea’s beloved singer/actor, XIA Kim Junsu. 
Xia Kim Junsu has evolved from a legendary K-Pop icon to a legendary musical actor. As a legend it is fitting that he plays the role of the legendary King Arthur in the musical, Xcalibur, now playing until August 4th.
"Xcalibur" tells the story of the legendary British King Arthur of Camelot. In the words of playwright, Ivan Menchell: “Our version of the story focuses on Arthur’s journey, starting as an out-of-control boy whose destiny it is to become a king, but who must fight his inner demons to become a truly great man worthy of the crown.
I think that what makes this production …

I'm a Journalist in Korea 2: ASEAN WEEK 2019

ASEAN WEEK 20192019-06-22

[NEWS PORTAL STARTODAY] ASEAN is a three-day festival in celebration of thirty years of Asean-Korea dialogue and relations. The festival aims to introduce attendees to the uniqueness of Asian cultures while facilitating a people-to-people exchange between those countries and Korea.
Organized by the Asean-Korea Centre, an inter-governmental organization established in March 2009, the goal of the committee is “to increase trade volume, accelerate investment flow, invigorate tourism and enrich cultural exchanges between Asean member states and Korea”.
Ten member states were represented though performances rich in color and tradition. Audiences were treated to eye-pleasing traditional costumes, musical instruments, dances, a fashion show, lifestyle and design exhibitions, a cafe, and vendors offering food and other items.

I thoroughly enjoyed the superb performances by member states that included Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, V…

I'm a Journalist in Korea 1: CAMPUS ART FAIR at HONGIK UNIVERSITY


[NEWS PORTAL STARTODAY] I had the pleasure of attending the CAMPUS ART FAIR 2019 held at Hongik University on the second floor of the Main building. The fair is the result of the hard work by the organizers; Asia Art Net Committee, Campus Art Fair Committee and the Keumsan Gallery, together with the support of their sponsors and partners. 
Many colleges and universities were represented. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the creative art work of the students. There were beautiful visuals in both black and white and in color. Some pieces offered social and political messages and statements. Others used real life daily objects that were transformed into unique art forms. The art forms included painting, printmaking, oriental painting, sculpture and photography. 

There is much to be proud of in Korea’s art students. This exhibition proudly represented the enormous talent of Korea’s future artists. 
Represented universit…