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I'm a Journalist in Korea 10: Along With the Gods 신과함께

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Along With the Gods신과함께 by Kim Miso (aka Rahel Limor)
People who laugh along with the gods. People who cry along with the gods. People who live along with the gods.
Along with the Gods; Two Worlds is the theatrical production of an original Webtoon series , Along with the Gods, which was written and illustrated by Joo Ho-min. It was first released on the Internet in 2010 with a printed version in 2012. This popular and well-loved “toon” saw a film release in 2017 and now this years’ high quality theatrical version.
The performance took place at the LG Arts Center in Seoul, a relatively new venue established in the year 2000. LG Arts Center offers a wide variety of contemporary performances in a comfortable and cozy setting. One gets the sense of actually being together with the performers as you enjoy the show.
Along with the Gods; Two Worlds revolves around the plight of a small boy who lives alone with his grandfather. The neighborhood is slated for u…

I'm a Journalist in Korea 9: BLUE RAIN: A Musical of Ideas

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BLUE RAIN: A Musical of Ideas Review by Kim Miso aka Rahel Limor
Lovers of philosophy, ethics, morals and classical and existentialist literature will want to see the musical “Blue Rain” now playing at the at the S Theater of the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul until September 15th.
The musical, which won the Daegu International MusicalFestival (DIMF) Creative Musical Award in 2018, is a reinterpretation of the novel, “The Brothers Karamazov”, by 19th century Russian author Fyodor Mikailovich Dostoevsky. This author gained a reputation for writing novels that explore ideas about religion, psychology and philosophy. The musical, “Blue Rain” stays true to the author’s style. We witness the interplay between a greedy, selfish and violent father and his two sons as well as their relationships outside the family circle. The story demands we examine family relationships and forces us to question and engage in interesting debate about morality, h…

I'm a Journalist in Korea 8: Mamma Mia: The Musical

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Mamma Mia: The Musical Review by Kim Miso aka Rahel Limor
I have to admit that I was determined not to enjoy this musical. Why? The music is not necessarily to my personal taste. I was never much of an ABBA fan. The good news is that, even though it was a Korean language production (and my Korean is at best at kindergarten level), I walked away loving Mamma Mia, the songs, the acting, the story – the works!

This musical has been around for twenty years. The music even longer. The idea to create a musical based on the songs written by Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson of the Swedish pop/rock group, ABBA (1972-1982), came from producer Judy Craymer in 1983. After a meeting with the songwriters Craymer enlisted Catherine Johnson to write the book and Phyllida Lloyd to direct the show. The musical debuted in London in 1999 at the Prince Edward Theater. Since then it has become a world-wide hit with no end in sight. It’s been translated to sixteen different lang…

Acting in a Music Video: 지동국(Ji Dong Kuk) - '돌아가는 길' (The Way Back to You) M/V


I'm so happy about this music video. I love every aspect of it... the song, the singer, the story concept... and the role I got to play in it.
I'm sorry that I do not have an English translation of the lyrics but I have supplied below a synopsis of the story. 
The singer is Ji Dong Kuk, a relatively new singer on the Korean pop scene. He is a lovely person with a beautiful voice too! Please feel free to give him your support - "LIKE" his videos, pages and become a fan! 
My role is the librarian in a library somewhere in "heaven". She is the keeper of people's souls. After they pass they arrive at the library and their life stories are remembered in the books that they become. The librarian tends to the books. 
The story is a bittersweet love story: After declaring their love for each other and making plans to meet up, the young girl is hit by a car. She ascends to the library where she sees other souls who have passed. She no…

I'm a Journalist in Korea 7: MISERY at Sejong Theater

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MISERY at Sejong Theater Review by Kim Miso aka Rahel Limor
Imagine waking up in a strange isolated house with no other neighbors in sight. You’re in a bed and realize that you can’t move. Both of your legs and a shoulder are broken. What happened? An attractive woman enters the room. She’s a nurse who has rescued you from the scene of a car accident. At first you are grateful. Then things take a turn for the worse.

Now playing at Seoul’s Sejong Theater, lovers of psychological thrillers will want to see the play,”Misery” by playwright William Goldman based on the novel by renowned author, Stephan King (USA).
Paul Sheldon, played on alternate dates by veteran actors Kim Sang-joong and Ahn Jae-wook, is a successful romance novelist. Annie Wilkes, the nurse played by actors Gil Hae-yeon and Kim Sung-ryung, is his number one fan. She is especially fond of his romance series featuring a fictional heroine named Misery Chastain. All is well until nurse Wilkes lear…

I'm a Journalist in Korea 6: SHIN You Me: So Addicted to You; CD Release

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SHIN You Me: So Addicted to You; CD Release By Kim Miso aka Rahel Limor
Shin Yoomi (aka Shin Yumi, Shin You Me), Korean singer-songwriter showcased the release of her new mini-album, “So Addicted to You”. Looking absolutely stunning in a modest blue & red floral skirt with white top she sang confidently and in a sweet yet strong voice wowing the audience with a selection of original songs.

Before focusing on her career as a soloist Shin Yoomi was a vocal trainer and mentor to young upcoming K-pop idols including trainees on a 2017 Mnet reality boy group survival show called “Produce 101 Season 2”. She also coached popular singer Lee Hi who is currently under contract with YG Entertainment.

It was in 2013 that Yoomi decided to come out from behind the scenes. She auditioned for the second season of “The Voice Korea”. Although she was a favorite of the judges she didn’t take the crown and returned to coaching. Aspiring singers might want to check out h…

I'm a Journalist in Korea 5: The Curious Adventures of the Infamous Anthony Browne, Children’s Author and Illustrator (UK)

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The Curious Adventures of the Infamous Anthony Browne, Children’s Author and Illustrator (UK) Review by Kim Miso aka Rahel Limor
Children’s author and illustrator Anthony Browne (UK) was in Seoul this week promoting his Internationally acclaimed children’s books and illustrations. Marking the anniversary of his 40th year as a creative artist and writer, about 200 of Browne’s original artworks, including at least five that have not yet been exhibited, can be seen and experienced at the Seoul Arts Center’s Hangaram Design Museum (3rd floor, Halls 5 & 6) through September.Browne’s award-winning books are available to read at the museum’s “Anthony Browne Library” and can be purchased at the museum store. Hands-on activities are available to be enjoyed by every visitor young and old. I have a hunch that the adults are having more fun than their children!

Anthony Browne’s Happy Theater and Happy Museum” treat us to an overwhelmingly unique, intriguing and…