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Back to College or What Was I Thinking?

I really didn't think I could do this, nor had I any real desire to either, but here I am. It's dormitory life for this 7th decade adventurer. WHY?????

   The last time I lived in a dorm was in 1973-4. I went to college for one year, decided it was not my style and that was the end of that. I only had one roommate but she was a holy nightmare. Anti-social, early-to-bed/early-riser, unaccommodating and essentially a you-know-what. Basically a spoiled little girl.

   It wasn't the roommate who turned me off. I just didn't like college life. So I quit and moved to Boston with another friend. I got a job driving a cab. Loved it. A story for another day. Soon enough I moved into a shared house with a few friends. We each had our own rooms. We also had too many freeloading "guests"!

   As we get older we, and our lives change. In my case I went from students & friends to being single; from single to married; from married with children to divorced with childr…

Lee So Myung, Korean Artist; A Language Cafe Delight

I'm in Busan, a bustling metropolis in Southern South Korea by the Haeundae beach. I haven't seen the beach yet because it started raining. I will get there soon enough with guitar in hand! They say it's a well-known spot for buskers.

   I'm here on a Workaway exchange program. I volunteer to engage local Koreans in conversational English in exchange for dormitory-style lodging and some basic food essentials.

   The program is called a "Language Cafe". It sounded intriguing and fun.

   Language exchange is a method of language learning based on mutual language practicing by learning partners who are speakers of different languages. This is usually done by two native speakers teaching each other their native language.Wikipedia

   I've been informed that the program is in transition. Rather than a Language Cafe it will be a Korean Language Learning School. Volunteer teachers will become students who will learn to speak Korean as well as teach English. This…