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   The story about how this song, FAN LETTER: TO DYLAN FROM ISRAEL, came together is quite remarkable. 

   The words were originally a poem written by poet, Esther Cameron. She wrote it in America before she immigrated to Israel. 

   Esther and Rahel met in Israel just recently upon Rahel's return to Israel. Rahel knew exactly how the poem would work as a song and, with Esther's blessing, she added the music. 

   The musical concept was to stay very close to Dylan's early 1960's style; musically with a basic chord structure and fairly simple strumming on the guitar. Then came the phrasing of the lyrics. In typical Dylan style not all sentences fit into the basic 4/4 rhythm and he typically accents words where one would not expect. So with some tweaking Rahel set out to mimic Dylan's unique style.

   The song was recorded in Ma'ale Adumim, Israel at the local community center where they house a radio station, recording studio and a few young interns learning the profession. The raw recordings were perfect but the interns were not yet versed in putting out a decent final product. Fortunately Rahel knows a fabulous studio engineer who was able to complete the work. He lives in London, England. So the recorded tracks were sent there for the final mix & master by Gilead Limor

   Esther had a unique concept for making a video. Rahel and another young student named, Merisha, filmed some clips. Merisha is from Germany with ancestry in Cameroon, Africa. Esther and Rahel tried their hand unsuccessfully at putting together a video from the clips. They wondered what to do next? 

   While touring in South Korea Rahel bumped into a young man from Japan who is living and working in South Korea. Oddly they met at a Shabbat (Sabbath) evening worship and meal at the local Chabad Jewish center in Seoul! (No, he's not Jewish but was there with a Jewish friend.) Will wonders never cease?

   Gin Moringa (pronounced "Jin") and Rahel got to talking . Rahel learned that Gin works in video editing. Voila! The match was made (in Heaven?)! Gin worked his magic to create the final product. 

   So this has been quite an International collaboration - very fitting as it is under the umbrella of THE HEALING LIGHT PROJECT! 

Download song to support the arts and artists at: 

We hope you will love this song & video as much as we do. 



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