Wolhwawon Garden (월화원)

   WOW! Are you looking for peace, tranquility, serenity... a place to sit and meditate, reflect or just to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature - right smack in the middle of a busy commercial city? I already wrote about Gwanggyo Lake Park. I happened upon another beautiful park just one block from where I am staying in Suwon, South Korea. 

   Wolhwawon Chinese Traditional Garden is quite the park. As is my way, I will pull some text right off the website to introduce you to this marvelous place: 

   Wolhwawon Garden at the west point of Hyowon Park, located in Paldang-gu of Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, is known for unqiue style resembling Chinese elements. With a concept heavily influenced from ancient Guangdong Province of China, visitors can easily experience a Chinese culture from this grandeur establishement without having to travel far. The story of how the Chinese garden came to the Korean soil begun with a special memorandom of agreement (MOU) made between the provicial governments of Gyeonggi-do (Korea) and that of Guangdong (China) in October 2003. In appreciation of each other's cultural heritages and the friendship, both parties agreed to build traditional gardens of the counterpart, in each city. 

   In a detailed note, this replica is similar to those largely found from Yeongnam region of China. The grand site not only inspires visitors to this garden, but also offers enjoyable views of the man-made mountain and lake located outside, visible through the building's windows. The artificial fountain in particular, was built with a pavilion modeled after a ship. Following the traditional architectural style of buildings in Guangdong province, Chinese poems and words are also found in multiple places written in white, over blue bricks and wood. Roofs were made of bricks, wood and lime combined. 

   This garden/park is VERY impressive. I spent some time wandering, sitting and enjoying the tranquility - especially by the waterfall. There's a nice Topiary section too. I won't jabber on about it. I think it's best just to share my photos and videos. Please enjoy the tour starting with a few short video clips to put you in the mood. Then continue with brochure below and my own personal snapshots.


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