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The Healing Light Project: Funk 'n Folklore in ISRAEL

Please learn more about this project & the fundraiser:

The Healing Light Project is a project with its roots beginning in 2015. I received a simple Facebook request from a Zimbabwean musician living in South Africa. His reason for writing? To raise awareness through music about his love for Africa. Yes, he says, Africa IS a place where there is much poverty, crime, disease and racism. His song, PEACE, a song we recorded as part of our first collaboration, sings about this. Yet, with all that Africa is a place where this one man, together with eleven additional vocalists, is trying to let people know about another Africa - the Africa filled with loving friends and family - regular people who are trying to live regular lives just like most people in the world. 
This one man, Mr. Future Moyo, sent letters to many musicians, most of whom either ignored his outreach or simply wished him well. Then it…

Mount Arbel

I'm not much of a hiker but I would have walked the trail this time had it not been for my sprained ankle (that I am still pampering!). The hike through Har Arbel, the Arbel mountain is worthwhile and appropriate for every age. As with most places in Israel even hiking trails have a wheelchair accessible path. Fortunately there's a little kiosk at the entrance where "tembelim" (fools) like me can purchase the hat they forgot to bring. I purchased a lovely "kova tembel" (fools hat) that was perfect for the hike!

I managed to walk at least to a few choice lookout points which were simply breathtaking - - and I nearly lost my breath just taking a peek over the cliffs!

Upon your return when you're all hot and sweaty you will find water faucets for refills, washing up and even for cleaning your feet.

Israel is wonderful about preserving the land and nature. This spot is one example of how much Israeli's love this land. Click on this link to learn more ab…