Yad VaShem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem

   This week I had the opportunity to visit Yad VaShem, the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. I think the last time I was here was in the late 1970's. Today it's not only a museum, memorial center and archive of families and lives lost, but also a very active educational center. It is visited by millions of people from all around the world and is one of the main sites that the worlds' dignitaries are taken to when they come to Israel.

   As Jews, sadly, we know first hand the atrocities that can befall us at the hands of fellow humans. In fact even today such horrors still exist - and not just to Jews anymore. A visit to this tremendous complex is essential to widen our awareness and alert us that that we can also prevent such atrocities. If only we can remember.

   The photos below will give you a glimpse of what you might see when you visit. I was lucky to have been treated to a personal tour by a very good friend who works here. Thank you!!

Righteous Gentiles are honored along the walkway. 

The evolution of the Holocaust depicted in the wall art below.

 "Yad Vashem inaugurated today a brand new exhibition entitled "Flashes of Memory – Photography during the Holocaust." The exhibition, housed in the Temporary Exhibitions Pavilion of Yad Vashem's Museum Complex, presents a critical account of visual documentation – photographs and films – created during the Holocaust by German and Jewish photographers, as well as by members of the Allied forces during liberation. The exhibition focuses a spotlight on the circumstances of the photograph and the worldview of the documenting photographer – both official and private – while emphasizing the different and unique viewpoint of the Jewish photographers as direct victims of the Holocaust."

  This is a very powerful exhibit; a profound view and reminder of the way media can be used for both good and bad. The photos tell stories of simple people caught in the evil web of twisted leaders. They also tell stories of human lives, love, joy, good times and bad times. We MUST take note and take care of what is broadcast to the world and WHY. 

The pavilion most often seen when dignitaries visit. 

The beautiful panoramic view from Yad vaShem reminds us that life is beautiful. Let's be sure to keep it that way!


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