Ein Maboa aka En Fawwar & Ma'aleh Adumim

  Check out the beautiful desert view from Ma'aleh Adumim where I lived from 1991-1998. I absolutely adore the Judean Hills. Ma'aleh Adumim is a town set just at the beginning of these beautiful hills and landscapes. I lived here from 1991 to 1998 and felt right at home being back in this area. The warm dry sun and the beautiful rolling hills, the layered rock formations, the caves, and the little oasis's such as the one below... my body always actually feels healthier here.  If you travel further south you will come to one of my favorite spots in Israel, the Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Keep going and you come to the Dead Sea

Here is the view of Jerusalem from the other side of Ma'aleh Adumim.

   I am embarrassed to admit that in all the years I lived in Ma'aleh Adumim I never managed to visit this beautiful riverbed in the wadi nearby.

  "Ein Maboa, also known as En Fawwar, is the middle spring of the Wadi Kelt riverbed. The riverbed collects rain water and the water from three springs, carrying the water from Jerusalem to the Jordan River.The Ein Maboa spring is fascinating in that the spring empties completely and refills again throughout the day. The water originates from the rain water in the Judean hills. The water drips through the limestone in the ground, filling up a karstic cave. When the cave is full, the water flows into the pool for about 20 minutes. The pool then begins to empty out and the process repeats again." SOURCE


   In spite of my sprained ankle, I was able to trek down the path to the waterfall area. My good friends brought a few folding chairs and some munchies. We sat, chatted and enjoyed the site. Many families were there because of the Jewish holiday week (Passover) and it was quite crowded. Nevertheless we were able to actually set up the chairs in the water and my feet enjoyed the cold water spring.

It's Pessach (Passover). Don't forget to bring the matzah!!

Look closely. A beautiful blue dragonfly decided to rest nearby!

Of course, the best part of all is spending time with all my good friends! Thank you! 


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