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An Evening of Roses

Busking is awesome.

   Sometimes this happens:

 While busking at Haeundae Beach in Busan, South Korea, this lovely man came to sing and I joined him as soon as I realized it was the same song!!

   This is a beautiful Jewish song called EREV SHEL SHOSHANIM. The music was composed by Yosef Hadar and Hebrew lyric by Moshe Dor.  The song has somehow found its way into Korean repertoire!
ערב של שושנים נצא נא אל הבוסתן מור בשמים ולבונה .לרגלך מפתן
לילה יורד לאט ורוח שושן נושבה הבה אלחש לך שיר בלאט .זמר של אהבה
שחר הומה יונה ראשך מלא טללים פיך אל הבוקר, שושנה .אקטפנו לי
Evening of Lilys
Let us go out to the grove
Myrrh, Spices, and Frankincense
Is the carpet under your feet Night falls slowly
And a wind of rose blows
Let me whisper a song for you slowly
A song of love Dawn and the dove coos
Your hair is full of dewdrops
Your lips are as roses unto the morning
I will pick them for myself
Here is the history & origin of the song:

   Claire Ha from BeFM Busan En…

Busking Fever

   I started busking (street singing) in 1976 in Jerusalem. I performed together with a fiddle player. We stood in front of HaMashbeer, a department store on Ben Yehuda St. where we played upbeat fiddle tunes. People would gather 'round, smile, hoot and clap as we played. Some people, however, would shout out that we should "get a job"!

 GET A JOB??? 

   It's not easy to find work as a musician. "Live" music is no longer sought after like it used to be. Before the Internet musicians were able to earn their keep from gigs in restaurants, at events, festivals, weddings, occasions, on the road and more. People actually went out to listen to "live" music and venues hired musicians because they knew it would draw in customers. That's no longer the case.

   These days musicians are expected to "pay-to-play". Music is free on the Internet. A large majority of listeners have no interest in the sound quality. Music has b…

15-Minutes of Fame - - Radio Interview BeFM Busan, South Korea

Hey Everyone!

   Here it is. My 15-minutes of fame in South Korea! Please enjoy this awesome interview on BeFM English Radio in Busan, South Korea.

STORY   I got my 15-minutes of fame in Busan, South Korea with this wonderful interview. BeFM Busan English Radio broadcast with host Michael Wheeler on the show: "Inside Out Busan" on November 2, 2018. 

   Thank you to CLAIRE HA who "discovered" me BUSKING at Haeundae Beach and invited me to the radio station for the interview! Thank you to the producer CHO YUNJIN for her wonderful guidance! Writers Eunice Jeong & Claire Ha. Thank you to all for listening!  TRANSCRIPT   This is a rough transcript of the interview. Some of the information was not covered and some was expanded on in the interview. 

Inside Out Busan: November 2nd
Open Studio: BeFM Busan English Language Radio Welcome to Inside Out Busan’s Open Studio! Tonight we have a wonderful singer, music therapist, radio host who has a lot of experience in various …