15-Minutes of Fame - - Radio Interview BeFM Busan, South Korea

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   Here it is. My 15-minutes of fame in South Korea! Please enjoy this awesome interview on BeFM English Radio in Busan, South Korea.


   I got my 15-minutes of fame in Busan, South Korea with this wonderful interview. BeFM Busan English Radio broadcast with host Michael Wheeler on the show: "Inside Out Busan" on November 2, 2018. 

   Thank you to CLAIRE HA who "discovered" me BUSKING at Haeundae Beach and invited me to the radio station for the interview! Thank you to the producer CHO YUNJIN for her wonderful guidance! Writers Eunice Jeong & Claire Ha. Thank you to all for listening! 


   This is a rough transcript of the interview. Some of the information was not covered and some was expanded on in the interview. 

Inside Out Busan: November 2nd
Open Studio: BeFM Busan English Language Radio
Welcome to Inside Out Busan’s Open Studio! Tonight we have a wonderful singer, music therapist, radio host who has a lot of experience in various fields. We are excited to hear about her life.

1. Would you introduce yourself to our listeners? 

  • Ahn-yaung – Hello. My name is Rahel aka Acoustic Breezes – Rahel.  
  • Thank you so much for inviting me to Busan’s Open Studio
2. You are a singer-songwriter. What sort of songs have you written before?
  • I would like to say I write songs but, as a Native American Indian poet explained – I “catch” songs and bring them into our world.  
  • The songs are sometimes visual images, stories, and sometimes they carry messages. 
  • I also write music to Biblical verses.  
  • My guitar style is mostly fingerstyle but my songs encompass a wide variety of musical styles and genres. 
  • I sing in English and Hebrew.
  • My music is available at BANDCAMP

3. I heard you have a special reason to come to Korea related to your music career. Please tell us about it.

  • I am seeking audience with a well-known Korean “idol” singer – XIA – Kim Junsu. 
  • I have songs that sometimes can only be born into this world by others than myself. 
  • I have a particular song that I believe only XIA – Kim Junsu can sing.  
  • After many years trying to contact him from abroad the time finally came for me to come to Korea and try my best for a “live” in-person meeting.  
  • I have come close. I was assured that my letters have been hand-delivered to him. 
  • I hope I have planted the seeds and that one day he he will accept and sing the song that is waiting for him. 
4. You said that it's the music that has guided you and provided you with such an interesting and exciting life! And you have been working as a therapeutic musician for the past 14 years. What is a therapeutic musician & what do you specifically do?
  • I have been trained and certified as a Clinical Musician (CCM) to use music as a healing tool, a form of energy medicine. 
  • Since 2004 I have worked in clinical settings as a Therapeutic Musician. 
  • Rather than entertain I serve musically those who are ill, dying – or living their last days in this world - - and anyone who can benefit from this form of energy medicine (for calm, relaxation, relief from stress or pain and such).  
  • Specifically I have worked in hospice and in senior homes, hospitals and sometimes I’ve been called to private homes.  
5. So you worked at a hospital but even before that career, you were a music teacher as well? Who did you teach?

  • I conducted music and movement classes to newborns, infants & young children with their parents or caregivers.  
  • I also teach guitar to anyone interested – from age 8 to 100! 
6. We heard that you have lived in Israel quite some time. What was it like living in Israel?
  • Israel is a vibrant, exciting, growing, thriving, ancient, modern, innovative and amazing country with a super-diverse multicultural population from every corner of the world.  
  • It’s a place where dreams come true and a land of miracles.  
  • Don’t believe the negative media and propaganda against Israel.  
  • I encourage everyone out there to make a visit to Israel to see it and experience Israel for yourself.  
  • It’s a life-changing experience!
 7. With regards to your music career, what is your most recent interest? 
  8. Among all your past careers, you have done some radio show before. Would you tell us about that?
  • The show was called ISRAEL IS REAL. We broadcast from 2009-2011 
  • The purpose of the show was to dispel the negative impressions of Israel that people hear from the media.  
  • We focused on life in modern 21st century Israel telling the stories of ordinary people living in, and in support of, an extraordinary land.  
  • The interviews are still relevant today.  
  • They are archived and available on line at www.israelisreal.weebly.com
 9. Any last comments you’d like to share with us? 
  • I am currently staying here in Busan at the “Homestay Language Academy”(Jangsan station!) where I engage local Koreans in English conversation to help them improve their English language skills so that they will feel more comfortable in speaking English.  
  • BUSKING: I sing almost daily (Street Singing) at Haeundae Beach – where I met writer Claire Ha!  
  • BUSKING is an intimate and interactive activity and experience that I absolutely love.  
  • I meet so many people, I become part of the local scene and scenery, I get to know a place intimately and most importantly – I can continue to bring a smile to people’s faces!  
  • I have been singing with Tia Vo, a talented young man from Vietnam who I met here in Korea while busking at Haeundae Beach.  
  • XIA – Kim Junsu – Please find me there!!!  
  • My music is available on-line. Feel free to support the arts!  
  • Here is my website: www.rahelmusic.com
  Thank you so much for coming to the open studio. It was a great pleasure talking with you. We extend our best wishes in your future endeavors.
  • Thank you for inviting me!


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