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How the Hebrew Psalms Helped Me Heal

How the Hebrew Psalms Helped Me Heal © 2017 Ann R. Silverman-Limor aka Rahel

    Rick Flanders, a friend and fan, wrote: 
   The day my battery died ...
   Today I felt drained. After working late many nights and getting up early, talking to India and Boston for hours in stressful meetings, I felt like my battery was dead. I went out to start my motorcycle and its battery was dead too. I jumped the battery and decided to go for a recharge ride for my bike and me. 

   I couldn't put the stress out of my mind. So I decided to play Tikkun by Rahel in my helmet. She was my Hebrew teacher. These are Psalms in Hebrew set to music. Tikkun means to repair or heal. I headed out for the desert east of Grace Point Church (San Diego), listening to the songs of David in a Middle Eastern flavor. 

   The desert was blooming in such beauty from all our rain. I forgot all my stress and my mind was repaired. My wife Becky said I arrived home noticeably better than when I left. Then sh…