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Tsushima Island, Japan aka Daemado

If you're looking for a fun day trip traveling from Busan, South Korea to Japan you might try Tsushima Island. Koreans know this island as Daemado.

   Honestly the idea of spending a few days on an island intrigued me. It's one of those storybook fairy tale type of things that seems exotic; something everyone should try at least once, right?

   Well, due to the time of year when things were already booked in advance I opted for the one-day discounted return ticket. The price was right. I paid the equivalent of around $28 for the round-trip ferry ticket. Added to that is the $8 required tax on the Korean side and another $6 tax on the Japanese side. Not too bad for a day trip between countries!

   The down side is that you have to go through customs and security which meant standing for at least one hour in lines on each side. This cuts into your touring time on the island. It was suggested to get your return ticket and pay the tax upon arrival so as to avoid the long line l…