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Passover in South Korea

It's not easy to be Jewish. It's even more challenging to be Jewish in South Korea. The Jewish community in South Korea is around 500 strong. It consists of those serving in the USA military, in education and entrepreneurs doing business in the country. There are also Jewish travelers passing through.

   The main center for Jewish practice exists in Seoul at Chabad of Korea. Many Jews, observant and secular find their way to the Chabad house on Shabbat and holidays. Rabbi Osher Litzman and his wife, Mussey and their seven children welcome us all into their home and center for Jewish enlightenment and a feeling of home away from home.

   Where can you find Jews in the rest of South Korea? In Busan, a port city in the southern part of South Korea.

   I've been living in Busan for about nine months on and off. In my search for Jewish life in Busan I found the Israel House, a cultural center under the direction of Mr. Young Guk Park. The Israel House is run and supported by…