[Summoners War: Lost Centuria] Grandma, Have you seen my Globe?

Image This was one of the most fun shoots that I have had - especially because I was the sole actor. The Korean actor, Mr. Jin Soen Kyu and I were filmed separately. I was sad because we had actually appeared together in the movie "Space Sweepers" and I was looking forward to saying hello again! Then it happened.  We met briefly at the voice-over session. I wasn't sure if he'd remember me but he recognized me right away when he saw me. It was an exciting moment!    I don't know anything about the video game but if you are a gamer you might enjoy checking it out! 

The Art of the Sword

Image I've been learning "Kumdo" - The Art of the Sword with Master Kang Heung Jin. I absolutely love this martial art. It is the most fun way to exercise my entire body while learning ancient and modern sword techniques. The above video is my 8th lesson! Not bad - and also not a bad edit by the master! LOL  Here is where you can view the master himself:  Instagram:  Heungjin Kang (@kang_heung_jin) • Instagram photos and videos YouTube:  (2) 흥지니TV - YouTube Below you can see how things started and developed.  Lesson 3 Lesson 4 Lesson 6 THE MASTER - The Ultimate Goal! 

I'm a Journalist in Korea 19: 13th Gwangju Biennale 2021 - Minds Rising, Spirits Tuning; Reviving Artistic Expression

  13th Gwangju Biennale 2021 - Minds Rising, Spirits Tuning; Reviving Artistic Expression Review by Kim Miso aka Rahel Limor, April 1, 2021 Programs continue until May 9, 2021 Website: Journal: The most important element to living a joyous life is the presence of the arts. Artists share their innate talent to create, document, uplift and bring joy into what may be otherwise regarded as routine and mundane. In spite of the restrictions imposed upon us since the outbreak of the Corona virus (aka COVID-19), the city of Gwangju revels in bringing the arts to life again with the 13 th Gwangju Biennale. Artistic directors Ms. Defne Ayas and Ms. Natasha Ginwala overcame tremendous obstacles to bring forth an impressive array of artists and their works. The main Gwangju Biennale Hall offers free entrance for visitors of all ages to enjoy exhibitions that are beautiful-to-the-eye, thought-provoking and inspiri

I'm a Journalist in Korea 18: FIDDLER ON THE ROOF – The Musical - 스테이지_뮤지컬 '지붕위의 바이올린'

  FIDDLER ON THE ROOF – The Musical - 스테이지 _ 뮤지컬 ' 지붕위의 바이올린 ' Review by Kim Miso aka Rahel Limor April 28 - May 16, 2021; The Seoul Musical Troupe at the Sejong Center for the Arts 175, Sejong-do, Jongro-gu, Seoul, South Korea, Tel: 02-399-1000, Web:    The musical, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, first appeared in 1964 in New York on Broadway. It has since become a classic masterpiece that is loved worldwide. This is the story of a Jewish family living in a shtetl , a s mall town called Anatevka in 1905 Russia. Touching upon themes of family relationships, community bonds, age-old traditions versus modern trends, and questions of faith it is a story that all ages can understand and relate to.    It was a mixed pleasure to see and experience this musical here. I have seen the performance many times over a few decades so I was eager to see it again. I am one of the few Jews living in South Korea and I am happy to report that Koreans are par

I'm a Journalist in Korea17: “Viulisti / The Violin Player” & The 15th Jecheon International Music Film Festival

 “Viulisti / The Violin Player”  & The 15th Jecheon International Music Film Festival   Review by Kim Miso aka Rahel Limor     The 15th Jecheon International Music Film Festival opens on April 15th with the movie, “Viulisti / The Violin Player”, a movie from Finland with Korean subtitles. It offers a glimpse into the trials and suffering of a master musician who can no longer work her craft.     As a musician myself I can honestly imagine how losing one’s physical ability would definitely result in an emotional pain that is almost unbearable. Music-making is not just about perfecting the instrument of choice. It’s about digging deeply into one’s soul and pouring your guts out through that instrument. It is, and I quote from the script, “to be inside of your soul”. In this case the instrument of choice is the violin. The musician is Finnish actress Matlina Kusniemme who is herself not only an actress but also a master violinist in real life.     Anyone who is passionate about

I'm a Journalist in Korea 16: Free My Soul, Free My Song – The Story of Fingerstyle Guitarist Kim Ji Hee

Free My Soul, Free My Song – The Story of Fingerstyle Guitarist Kim Ji Hee   Review by Kim MiSo aka Rahel Limor      I first met Ms. Kim Ji Hee in the summer of 2018. I was a traveler touring in Seoul. I had just enjoyed a concert featuring some very talented Korean finger-style guitarists and was lingering around as the audience dispersed when a woman approached me. She and her daughter had been sitting behind me during the performance. The woman introduced herself and then turned to her daughter. “This is my daughter, Kim Ji Hee. She is a finger-style guitarist too”, she said. The young girl gave a shy smile. We talked a bit asking the usual questions one asks when just meeting. I, too, am a guitarist from America traveling and touring here in South Korea. We exchanged business cards and snapped a few pictures together. Perhaps one day we might meet again. Honestly I never expected we would. In fact, I never expected to stay in Korea longer than a month or two but as things g

I'm a Journalist in Korea 15: “GWANGJU – The Musical”

  “ GWANGJU – The Musical” at the LG Arts Center, April 13-25, 2021 Review by Kim Miso aka Rahel Limor, April 24, 2021 “ Remembrance is not a duty imposed on someone out of responsibility,. Our histories and memories are part of what constitutes our lives and beings.” - Lee Sun, Sooyoung Learn An event occurred in the city of Gwangju that forever changed the nature of South Korea. The “Gwangju Uprising / 오일팔” began on May 18 and continued until May 27, 1980. An estimated six hundred (600) people were killed. It all began when a group of students set out to protest against the authoritarian government. This resulted essentially in what could be regarded as a massacre when the government sent in troops to squelch the protesters. Following the incident local citizens took up arms initiating what was to become a movement or movements around the country for the democratization of South Korea. The uprising is also known as the “Gwangju Democratization Struggle / 광주 민주화