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What It's Like to Be an Actor in Korea | Interview with Brian of Konnect Korea February 2022

Are you wondering what it's like to work in the entertainment industry in Korea? Here are some insights. This is produced by Brian, who interviewed me, for his wonderful organization, "Konnect Korea". Brian does great work connecting Koreans and non-Koreans living and working in South Korea. Please also subscribe to his channel. 1) Intro: Brian & Konnect Korea 2) Intro: Rahel Limor 3) What projects are you part of? ** I am currently working in the Entertainment Industry as an Actor, Model & Musician – and occasionally as a Journalist! ** I was enjoying being a busker and also performing in some clubs in Seoul up until Covid came. It stopped music-making in the big way and now music has become more of a hobby. ** I miss the energy and feedback of a live audience – the relationship you build in live performance. 4) What is it like to be an actress in Korea? ** Fun, interesting, e

[Summoners War: Lost Centuria] Grandma, Have you seen my Globe?

Image This was one of the most fun shoots that I have had - especially because I was the sole actor. The Korean actor, Mr. Jin Soen Kyu and I were filmed separately. I was sad because we had actually appeared together in the movie "Space Sweepers" and I was looking forward to saying hello again! Then it happened.  We met briefly at the voice-over session. I wasn't sure if he'd remember me but he recognized me right away when he saw me. It was an exciting moment!    I don't know anything about the video game but if you are a gamer you might enjoy checking it out! 

The Art of the Sword

Image I've been learning "Kumdo" - The Art of the Sword with Master Kang Heung Jin. I absolutely love this martial art. It is the most fun way to exercise my entire body while learning ancient and modern sword techniques. The above video is my 8th lesson! Not bad - and also not a bad edit by the master! LOL  Here is where you can view the master himself:  Instagram:  Heungjin Kang (@kang_heung_jin) • Instagram photos and videos YouTube:  (2) 흥지니TV - YouTube Below you can see how things started and developed.  Lesson 3 Lesson 4 Lesson 6 THE MASTER - The Ultimate Goal!