Making Lemonade from Lemons

Hello!  How is everyone doing now that we are into the second year of isolation? I, myself went into a brief depression. However that is not a mode of life that I tend to stay in for very long. I visited a Naturopath, my preferred style of "medical" treatment. He reminded me about my G-d given talents and the paths that I usually travel - - - music, poetry and the arts. So far I have written (or received) 3 poems and 3 songs just this month! If you haven't yet seen them on my YouTube channel I am including them here in this post.  Remember when the bad guys give you lemons it's best to make lemonade! LOL I hope you will enjoy the fruits of my creativity, Your feedback is always welcome!  Please also remember to LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE. Maybe someday I'll even merit an income for my work!  Please DOWNLOAD songs at:  Music | Acoustic Breezes-Rahel (    

Covid Daze

Image #covid #corona #poetry #spokenword Poem by Rahel Limor December 25, 2020 PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL Official Website: Instagram: @rahelinkorea COVID DAZE c 2020 by Ann R. Silverman-Limor aka Rahel My guitar sits silent by the wall Wrapped safely in black To protect it from the outside elements While I sit silent in my little studio apartment Protecting myself from the outside evils That may or may not exist in reality Covid daze An entire year has passed in hiding In fear In uncertainty AN ENTIRE YEAR Living less and less alive More and more isolated Each day another restriction handed down Each day another freedom stolen from us Each day more alone than the last Each day more lonely than the last With no apparent end in sight Shall we remain locked up, locked down, locked in, locked away Or shall we finally stand up and say NO MORE Is it time to give up or is it time to fight back Is it time to defy those who clai

Working Girl - - Hwangtoe, Korean Photographer and Filmmaker

    Yes, I'm still a working girl and very happy to be working in Seoul, South Korea since May 2019! I'm not sure if any other country would offer me this new career change at this stage in my life's journey. I didn't pursue it. It kind of fell into my lap - or I was Divinely Guided to be doing this kind of work now?      Hwangtoe is a Korean photographer and filmmaker. He makes short films as advertisements (I think!). I've had the privilege of working on four short films to date. I acted in three and did voiceover for another.   I hope you will take the time to enjoy the short films below and to SUBSCRIBE to our websites too!  Rahel:  /  @rahelinkorea   / Hwangtoe:   /  @hwangtoe_studios Christmas Wishes | Papmagazine ( Voiceover Narration on this one! 

"Christmas Wishes" - Short film by Hwangtoe

Image hwangtoe_  Christmas Wishes for @pap_magazine I really enjoy working on short films by Korean photographer/filmmaker  HWANGTOE (links below).  Enjoy! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNELS!!    Hwangtoe:  @hwangtoe_studios  /   /   @pap_magazine Rahel:   /   @rahelinkorea 크리스마스를 맞이하여 만들어 보았습니다. 가족들과 집에서 따뜻한 크리스마스 보내시기 바랍니다🎄❤️ (확대해서 가로로 봐주세요~~) - Christmas Special Edition ‘Christmas Wishes’🎄 Directed by @hwangtoe_ @fitb_d ㅡ DOP @hwangtoe_ ㅡ Art Directed by @m1m1y ㅡ Styled by @woo____lee ㅡ Hair & Makeup @suana_makeup @makeup_syshin @0__seong ㅡ DOP Assistant #ByeongGuWoo #SangWoongYoon ㅡ Art Directing Assistant ㅡ Hair & Make up Assistant @flor___892 ㅡ Graphic Designed by @keemdonggun ㅡ Models #Roy @rahelinkorea #Rahel #Kate @taemeen #Marcin #Varvara #Hannah @maybom__ @djang_go_lee ㅡ Special Thanks to "Studio GREOHADA" ㅡ Music by Aliso

Lifestyle Modeling in Seoul, South Korea

    I've been living in South Korea since July 2018 and in Seoul since May 2019. My original plan was just to visit Korea as part of my elder journey around Asia and the Oceana countries. I fell in love with Korea and ended up signing a contract with an agency and getting an E-6 alien resident visa. This enabled me to stay and work in Korea in the Entertainment business. I was given the title of "Actor, Model, Musician". Me? Actor? Well, okay. I do have some acting experience from my residency in Israel. Me? A model? That was new. It was actually quite amusing to think that at age 65 I had become a model! Ah, no, not a fashion model. Though maybe someday a fashion company will realize that even we elders enjoy nice clothes. Clothes that would be custom made to our elder body shapes and sizes. Clothes that would make us look awesomely attractive! Meantime I am working as a "lifestyle" model.     In Korea I am usually typecast as a grandmother or someone's mom

Zen on the Table

Zen on the table - - Meet Kohsi - KHOSI recreates traces of the past in present time upholding the rich history and culture of Korea through its beautiful bronze products. Do not hesitate to choose KOHSI to put Zen on the table! Visit Rahel's links too! Official Web: Instagram: @rahelinkorea ( ) Blog: #놋그릇코지 #놋그릇 #rahelsings #rahelinkorea #rahelmusic


Learn Rahel's NEW ORIGINAL CHANUKAH SONGS!  #Chanukah #Hanukkah #rahelsings #rahelmusic #worldmusic #original What happens when a musician lights the Chanukah candles then sits down to adore them? G-d gifts her with new Chanukah songs! Chanukah 2020 - what a year! Let's bring some LIGHT in to banish the darkness! Sing Rahel's original Chanukah songs. Rahel's Complete Chanukah ALBUM can be downloaded here: ORIGINAL SONGS ARE: 1. Chanukah is Here, YAY! 2. HaNerot - Candles Burning Brightly 3. Dance Little Candles 4. A Chanukah Light © 2016 Ann R. Silverman-Limor (aka Rahel) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED CHANUKAH IS HERE, YAY!    1) See the candles burning, hasten to their glow Watch the dreidels turning, swaying to and fro   Chorus: Chanukah is here, Chanukah is here Let’s join hands and shout for joy Every girl and every boy, shout it loud and sing it clear Chanukah is h