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I'm a Journalist in Korea 12: Dracula

DRACULA: The Musical by Kim Miso aka Rahel Limor March 8, 2020
Do not miss this performance of “Dracula the Musical”. Words cannot properly express the greatness of this superb theater production. Nevertheless I will try.
Written in 1897 by Bram Stoker, a British business manager for the Lyceum Theater in London, “Dracula” is an ever-popular classic among fictional fantasy stories about vampires in particular. It has inspired readers, actors, directors, audiences and especially vampire fans since it was first published over one hundred years ago.
Surely a story as popular as this one demands actors who are just as popular, well-loved and talented to perform it. South Korea can stand proud in this regard. I have seen quite a few Korean theater productions this past year, each one displaying the highest caliber of talent.
Dracula; The Musical” is currently showing until June 7th at the Charlotte Theater in Seoul, a charming mid-sized venue that provides a more personal and intimat…