An Evening of Roses

   Busking is awesome.

   Sometimes this happens:

 While busking at Haeundae Beach in Busan, South Korea, this lovely man came to sing and I joined him as soon as I realized it was the same song!!

   This is a beautiful Jewish song called EREV SHEL SHOSHANIM. The music was composed by Yosef Hadar and Hebrew lyric by Moshe Dor.  The song has somehow found its way into Korean repertoire!
ערב של שושנים 
נצא נא אל הבוסתן 
מור בשמים ולבונה 
.לרגלך מפתן

לילה יורד לאט 
ורוח שושן נושבה 
הבה אלחש לך שיר בלאט 
.זמר של אהבה

שחר הומה יונה 
ראשך מלא טללים 
פיך אל הבוקר, שושנה 
.אקטפנו לי

Evening of Lilys
Let us go out to the grove
Myrrh, Spices, and Frankincense
Is the carpet under your feet
Night falls slowly
And a wind of rose blows
Let me whisper a song for you slowly
A song of love
Dawn and the dove coos
Your hair is full of dewdrops
Your lips are as roses unto the morning
I will pick them for myself

Here is the history & origin of the song:

   Claire Ha from BeFM Busan English radio noted: We know this song in Korea with a Korean translation. The lyrics mostly describe what happens after one's lover has left - how can I live without you? The 1950's were right after the Korean War. The 1960's and 70's were times of foreign influence in Korea. In the 1970's we had many songs translated from foreign languages.

   Daliah Lavi, Erev Shel Shoshanim / 이명우가시리

오늘 소개할 노래는 1977년 제1회 대학가요제에서 은상을 수상했던 이명우의 가시리’의 원곡인 Erev Shel Shoshanim (Evening of Roses, 밤에 피는 장미?) 임다~~^

1957년에 이스라엘의 작곡가 Yosef Hadar가 Moshe Dor의 히브리어 가사에 곡을 붙인 사랑노래로서 유태인 가수이자 배우인 Daliah Lavi를 비롯하여 나나무스쿠리 등이 불러 세계적인 히트곡이 된 노래~~^

한편, 1977년 대학가요제 출전 당시 충남대 국문학과에 다니던 이명우는 이스라엘 민요에 고려가요인 '가시리'와 '청산별곡' 내용 중 일부를 섞어 가사를 붙여서 특유의 한서린 목소리와 애절한 호소력으로 우리 민중의 한과 정서를 잘 표현~~^

기실 청산별곡은 내우외환에 시달린 나머지 세상을 떠돌아다닐 수 밖에 없었던 고려시대 민중의 서글픈 삶을 흥겨움으로 녹아 내고 있으며, ‘가시리’ 또한 애이불비(哀而不悲)의 정서를 잘 표현하고 있는 고려가사의 백미라고~~^  

   Follow this link for more information about the song in KOREAN:

   Here is a link to the Korean version:

   Enjoy another link with more Korean songs:

   Here is a link to the Korean lyrics:가시리+이명우+가사&where=m&sm=mtp_sly.hst&acr=1


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