Hof Ginnosar

Hof Ginnosar is a beautiful beach on the western shore of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) north of Tiberias. We had the pleasure of spending a beautiful day there. As with all places in Israel there is a bit of interesting history that comes with the area. To give you a sense I'll get you started with this from Wikipedia:

In the First Century AD there was a flourishing town known by Greek and Latin speakers as Gennesaret, with the version "Ginosar" appearing in the New Testament. The modern kibbutz takes its name from this ancient town, though it is not certain it is located on precisely the same site.

You can find more at this link.  There is an interesting article about the history of the Kibbutz HERE.

It's a bit from the article:

The name Ginosar is the Hebrew pronunciation of the name of the ancient town Gennesaret, which has been described by Josephus Flavius, the famous Holly Land historian, as a place of fertile soil (in its Hebrew version, the name Ginosar means "rich garden"). The town is mentioned several times in the New Testament, for example in the Gospel of Luke.

The Kibbutz was founded in 1937 by idealist Zionist youth, and was named after the ancient city. Its most famous resident, Yigal Alon (1918-1980), was one of the Israeli Army's most notable commanders and a prominent minister in Israel's governments. Despite being surrounded by hostile population in its initial years of existence, Kibbutz Ginosar quickly gained a reputation for the warm hospitality that it provides for travelers. Among the many people hosted by the Kibbutz was Hannah Szenes, who later became a symbol of heroism for Israeli youth when she joined a daring mission behind the enemy lines during World War II, from which she did not return. Szenes stayed at the Kibbutz during a trip at the area in 1940, and described in her diary how impressed she was with the resident's struggle. 

In any case the beach is absolutely lovely, well maintained and clean. You can walk out on a peer and see a beautiful panoramic view of the entire Kinneret - taking note of the proximity of the surrounding countries: Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. Below are a few photos I snapped. Enjoy!

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