Potholes and a Sprained Ankle

OOOPS! Word of warning. Look down when you're walking! 

   While enjoying a visit with my good friends in Jerusalem and Ma'aleh Adumim I managed to step into the deep cracks around this sewage drain and down I went. That was the end of the walk in the park we were about to take. So there I was sitting on the tar trying to catch my breath - waiting for a moment for the pulsating pain to subside. Only in Israel would someone call down from his porch on the tenth floor of the apartment building nearby to ask if I needed any help! As it turns out I was able to stand up and limp over to a nearby bench. I want to give a shout out to my good friends for the compassionate care I received. They were ready with ice, bandages, Ibuprofen, a good cup of tea and conversation, and additional first aid such as Dead Sea Mud (that really did help a lot), yummy chicken soup, patience and friendship. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am uber grateful to you all!

   Needless to say my visit continued in a sitting position with my foot elevated and limited walking. In any case I followed the advice of my many concerned friends and took a trip over to TEREM, a local emergency care clinic to be sure everything was okay. Fortunately I have Travel Medical Insurance to cover me in Israel. I have to admit that in all my visits to Israel I have never had the need to use any insurance coverage. I am happy that this time I have it!

  The staff at the clinic was kind and accommodating. The process was quick and efficient as was the care. It was heartwarming to notice a particular plaque (pictured below) sitting on the same shelf as the medical books in the doctor's office.

The plaque with the Doctor's Blessing on the shelf with the medical books.

 The check-up was complete and revealed that it was just a sprain. I've been keeping my foot elevated and things are looking better every day!



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