Jae-min and Gwanggyo Lake Park 광교호수공원

   Jae-min is an outstanding Airbnb host; an especially wonderful person! He is always smiling and laughing. He's a doctor by profession, a general practitioner who works very long hours yet he gives of his time generously. He knows English very well and enjoys chatting with his guests. As a solo traveler it was really nice to have someone to talk to as well as to turn to for help and guidance around town.

   Jae-min is the kind of host who goes over and beyond. It was my birthday. I wanted to try "Bulgogi", meat on the grill. He suggested we pick up the ingredients at the local supermarket which we did. Then he simply cooked me up a meal.

   I also gave it a try.

Another day off and Jae-min insisted we go for a little tour. I mentioned perhaps seeing somewhere with water. We ended up at Gwanggyo Lake Park.

   The site is essentially a lovely park that is situated around the lake. It's in the middle of Suwon in a section that is being revived. Jae-min said it will become the new city center when finished.

   I really liked the section with a bunch of over-sized wooden chairs placed in the middle of the trees. There was something about the size of the chairs and how they were placed that made the section look like a work of art. There were also lovely flowers along the pathway.

   We noticed a few trees with leaves that were already changing to Fall colors! We both thought it was too early for that this being the first week of August.

   You might want to visit this park in the evening. This being summer the daytime stroll left us feeling hot and sweaty. No matter. We walked along the path and came to a spot by the water where there was a little cafe/store. We got some ice-cream and enjoyed sitting and resting by the lake while we ate it.

   Thank-you Jae-min for being the best host and for another great day in Suwon! I highly recommend contacting Jae-min if you plan to stay in the Suwon area. He has two apartments available for renting via Airbnb. There is a lot to see in Suwon and the apartments are perfectly located and even in walking distance to many places. Mention my name!



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