Museums 1: Horim Museum Sillim, Seoul

   Museums are always interesting places to visit. They are educational and best of all, air-conditioned!~

   I had no idea when I came to South Korea that I would be transformed into a super tourist visiting one site after the next. It was the furthest thing from my mind, in fact. Whatever was I thinking? There's no question that I will be visiting more museums during my stay here. Meantime I want to be sure that I tell you about the museums I've already been to.

Horim Museum in Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu

   I ventured out to this lovely museum because it was close to where I was staying in Seoul. It was my first outing and try at sightseeing. I had no idea that there are actually two branches. The one I visited was the original, a much smaller one that goes by the name, Horim Museum Sillim. I didn't actually go to the larger one. It goes by the name Horim Museum Sinsa which is  located inside the Horim Art Center in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu. 

   Horim Sillim is barely known to anyone in that neighborhood apparently. It's in a back street almost at a dead end. I asked a few people. No-one knew anything. Finally a young man at the local convenience store around the corner pointed me in the right direction. To top it off I was the only visitor there! 

   If you visit the website you will read: Welcome to the Horim Museum. We at the Horim Museum warmly welcome each and every one of you. 

   This is absolutely true. The few staff members treated me very well. I enjoyed a friendly chat with the receptionist/guard via Google Translate. 

   He also insisted on snapping a few photos of me at the museum. I would have missed the outside garden had he not shown me the way!

   Had I visited the website in the first place I would have understood why I was the only visitor there!  

   The Horim Museum Sillim (main) and the Horim Museum Sinsa (branch) are both located in Seoul. The Horim Museum Sillim is situated in Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu and serves as a storage of collections, researches, and exhibits of cultural assets. As for the Horim Museum Sinsa, it is in Horim Art Center, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu. Being at the center of modern culture, it is engaged in educating people through exhibits and educational programs to promote our traditional cultural heritages far and wide.

   Ha ha ha. No doubt the staff members were likely very surprised to see me there! In any case I did enjoy visiting the two floors that housed a total of four galleries: archaeology, ceramics, metal art, and painting and books. I was impressed by how many of the ceramic pieces involved images or shapes of animals. The paintings were fabulous of course. Please enjoy some photos below.



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