I'm a Journalist in Korea 1: CAMPUS ART FAIR at HONGIK UNIVERSITY

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[NEWS PORTAL STARTODAY] I had the pleasure of attending the CAMPUS ART FAIR 2019 held at Hongik University on the second floor of the Main building. The fair is the result of the hard work by the organizers; Asia Art Net Committee, Campus Art Fair Committee and the Keumsan Gallery, together with the support of their sponsors and partners. 

Many colleges and universities were represented. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the creative art work of the students. There were beautiful visuals in both black and white and in color. Some pieces offered social and political messages and statements. Others used real life daily objects that were transformed into unique art forms. The art forms included painting, printmaking, oriental painting, sculpture and photography. 

There is much to be proud of in Korea’s art students. This exhibition proudly represented the enormous talent of Korea’s future artists. 

Represented universities and galleries included: Hongik, Keumsan, Kyonggi, Sookmyung, Sungshin and EWHA Women’s Universities, University of Seoul, Seoul National University, Chugye University for the Arts, AllMeArtSpace, Galerie Gaia, Gallery Godo, LeeSeoul Gallery, Yoon Gallery and Korea Print Photography Promotion Association in Seoul. 

Review by Kim Miso (aka Rahel Limor)
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