In All Kinds of Weather~

I think the hardest job of all is trying to pack for an extended trip, a trip that can last anywhere from one month to one year or more in all seasons and in all kinds of weather. Fortunately I am not the first traveler doing such a journey. I have been researching the Internet where there seems to be an endless supply of articles, websites, blogs and video clips from seasoned travelers who offer great advice. Most of these travelers, however, are much younger than I am. They offer some very good advice but as soon as I come to my senses and remember that I'm not in my 20's anymore I realize that I have some changes to make! I will have to adapt their advice to my needs as an older traveler. I suppose, in fact, that anyone would need to do that regardless of age.

There is just soooooooooo much to know and prepare for:

Choosing your luggage. After endless sightseeing - - or surfing the web and traipsing through different stores and malls, I've settled on a lightweight yet roomy 26" drop-bottom wheeled duffel. I felt like I needed something larger than a carry-on because I also have musical equipment to bring with me, I will have to check it at the gate on flights. We'll see how it holds up and if, after dragging it around, it was the right choice. I'm already suspecting I could have done better weight-wise. I forgot that there is a 50 lbs weight limit in addition to size. Otherwise there are additional fees to be paid. OY!

In addition to the duffel I will take a backpack carry-on. Again, I have to watch the size and weight. This is going to have to hold my beloved small VOX Mini Rhythm 5 travel amp as well as all the electronics that are apparently necessary and not to live without in today's world. Of course I will have to have a few pieces of clothing, snacks, money, passport and all that in- transit stuff... OY!

STUFF! It was hard enough emptying my house. Now I have to whittle more STUFF down to the bare essentials.

So just what are the "bare essentials" for a nomadic, yet still professional life style??!! 

This is not easy for a musician. I need everyday clothes for all seasons and I need nice clothes for performances and something for street singing! Not to mention all those personal items too! It looks like I will have to answer that question after I've taken off and traveled a bit more!

The nomadic lifestyle - what is it? Unlike the young adventurers my idea of traveling at age 63 is to choose a destination and stay there for a few weeks or months. I have friends around the world and will hope they will advise me when I travel to their countries. Seeing all sorts of sites is a lot of fun, interesting and educational but also costly. I prefer to meet with friends and people along the way who will show me their worlds. To me this is the best way to travel and learn about places,

The final (or maybe not?) preparation is, of course, budgeting. The largest expense is airfare. Next is travel/medical insurance. Accommodations and food will certainly dig another hole in my pocket. One must also learn about money transactions & conversion fees, cash vs credit and so on. I'm pretty good at budgeting but I have much still to learn about the costs involved with the nomadic life!

Below are a few sites that I have found very useful:

Nomadic Matt
Hey Nadine
Traveler's Checklist
She Hit Refresh
Girls Love Travel 35+
Girls Love Travel
Lonely Planet

Music Tour - I'm hoping to do volunteer work in some places in exchange for room and board. I hope that busking and music sales will help keep me alive too!  Sadly I haven't yet figured out how to book a music tour - - - any advice is welcome!

Donationsmusic downloads, referrals & the sharing of musicians sites are extremely important to working musicians. I can't wait to be able to perform at venues, house concerts and busking wherever I am! Busking, by the way, is one of my favorite gigs ever! It's where you get to meet some really fine folk!

For more insights about busking check out this guy. I absolutely LOVE following his blog! Borja Catanesi.

A few more helpful links about busking:

Busker Central
Head Above Music
Performer's Net

I will also be promoting THE HEALING LIGHT PROJECT wherever I go. I'm planning on meeting up again with Amavevane Acapella for sure. I, and we, will be hoping for more collaborations with others worldwide. If you're one of those people or musicians please do not hesitate to give us a shout!

Well, that's it for now. Once I'm finally packed I will share some detailed lists and photos (also important to keep for insurance claims that hopefully I will never have to make!)

Look forward to the next installment!


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