Performing Musician Chronicles 1

Enjoy the song. THIS JOURNEY OF YOU.
c Ann R. Silverman-Limor aka Rahel
All Rights Reserved

Life as a musician. Wow, was this really nine years ago? Jason "Skulls" Freitas and I formed a duo we called "ROOTES". We played my original music in venues and festivals in and around New Hampshire and Massachusetts. 

 On this particular day we were invited to perform at what was slated to be a huge music rock festival in Manchester, NHThe Granite Rock Music Festival was meant to be a fundraiser for "Toys for Tots" organized by a team of college students or group called "Applause for the Cause". They had done everything right. They advertised everywhere and flyers were posted all over town. At the site trailers were provided for the musicians with snacks and drinks. Very respectable. They even had carnival rides in place. Everything looked as if it would be the perfect rock festival featuring awesome local talent. 

Well, as my song states, you "never know what to expect" especially when you plan an outdoor event in New England. We all know what they say about New England weather: "If you don't like the weather just wait a minute. Yup. The weather in New England is just that unpredictable. Nevertheless outdoor farmer's markets, festivals, events and occasions are always planned and carried out come rain or come shine. Heck, I once performed at a local Pumpkin Festival in October in Milford, NH. That day it was raining "cats and dogs". I even called the sound-man in advance to be sure the event was still happening. Sure enough it was. He encouraged me to come out to perform. He said people were there. So I went. Good grief. People were there standing in the pouring rain under their umbrellas just watching any act that dared show up. Thank goodness I performed under a tent!!

I remember another eventful performance. It was in the month of May. My band was invited to play as part of a local film festival in the little town of Wilton, New Hampshire. Guess what the weather was that day? Everything except the sun! That day it rained, hailed and even snowed. It was May!!! It was freezing. I was freezing. Everyone was freezing as we stood under a tent and played our little hearts out. 

Anyway, I digress. Come rain or shine I always show up to gigs. That day in Manchester the Granite State Rock Festival was all set up and ready to go. Unfortunately Mother Nature had decided it was a good day to have a hurricane!!! Well, it seemed like one anyway as you can tell in the video clip above! Most of the music acts had canceled. I believe we ended up as the second act. There was hardly a soul in the audience save the employees and the few other band members who dared show up in this weather. We watched the amazing first band put on an awesome show performing as if they were playing to a full house. Then we took to the stage. 

I looked out in front of me at my daughter who was filming and came to support us. I saw a few other organizers and band members who were waiting to watch us perform. I looked beyond them towards the the carnival rides. They were motionless. A few employees standing by ready to switch them on in case anyone showed up for a ride. It was truly a ghost town. I looked at Jason and we began our set. Those watching clapped and cheered us on. I pretended it was a full house too. 

WALKING c Ann R. Silverman-Limor
All Rights Reserved

I learned an important lesson that day from the band that we followed. No matter what the situation our job as musicians is to perform our very best even if it's just for one person! 


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