An Incredible Life

My favorite Korean-Pop singer, XIA Kim Junsu in his song called, INCREDIBLE, states:

Something INCREDIBLE - Something so magical - 하늘이 맺어준 운명의 
Destiny's Miracle - That the Heaven's have made

You got me screamin’- You got me singing -You somethin’, somethin’- INCREDIBLE

Dance version:

My favorite acoustic version: 

   Yes, my life has always been incredible, full of adventure and rich experiences. This past year or so, since I decided to spread my wings and "fly", life has become even more incredible than I could have ever imagined. My life took on new twists and turns the minute I decided to sell my house, store the belongings I still felt I could not part with, and then hit the road with my guitar and two suitcases in tow (one for basics and one with my musical equipment). I had some general ideas in mind but knew that ultimately I would simply go wherever the Wind would blow me (Wind being capitalized to imply G-d). As John Lennon so aptly put it in his song, "Beautiful Boy", 

"Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans". 

   Actually it's interesting to learn where that quote actually comes from. Anyway, yes, I had made a general travel plan: Korea, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa then to Israel where I would go "home" to live out the next phase of this beautiful life.

   That's not how it happened...

   First of all I planned to sell my house in March (2018) and travel when the weather would be better. Instead my house was sold eleven days after I decided to sell it in November (2017). I had to leave by January 25th - in mid-winter (2018)!! That was exactly the timing I dreaded. Life happened.

   So my first stop was to live with my (then 92 yr. old) dad until March. My son was also living there. It turned out to be a good opportunity to spend some time with both before setting off. In essence it also meant revisiting my childhood roots (and a few traumas!). I suppose in the end that was a good thing! 

   My daughter and boyfriend of seven or so years decided to get married in April that same year. My plans very quickly got turned around. Now I would start my travels in Israel and then go to Korea etc. 

   It was wonderful to be in Israel. I was able to be with my daughter and her fiance and spend good quality time with family and with many of my good and loyal friends. My "ex" and his family came too. Things went very well and a good time was had by all.  

   I stayed in Israel for about four months. Leaving everyone again was not something I had planned or even wanted to do which was why I had originally planned to end my travels in Israel. That was not going to happen apparently. Not at this time anyway. 

   When I left America I had thought to travel to a new country where I had not yet been and to stay for about two months. This would allow me to be more casual, relaxed and would afford me opportunities to explore and discover new places at a more natural pace. After all, I am no "spring chicken". 

   When I was in my early 20's I traveled around Canada and Europe with a good friend. It was the 1970's. We set out with our packs on our backs and camping equipment in tow. We hitchhiked around following mostly music and other festivals. We stayed in youth hostels and campgrounds. What a great time that was! That's when I landed in Israel for the first time. It was the third year of my summer travels - March 1976. That year I had planned to visit Israel for three months to spend time with my mother who was living there (since 1967). I would then meet my friend in Europe for three months in the summer and by Fall I would return to America. Instead, with an open-ended plane ticket I returned to Israel. Six months later I forfeited the ticket and ended up living in Israel for the next twenty-two years! Life happened....


   I digress. Back to my story...

   (June 2018) From Israel I bought a ticket to South Korea. For a few years prior I had been feeling some sort of energy or force drawing me there. The only way to find out what is was would be to go there.

   First stop was Seoul. I came as a tourist and that's what I did. I rented a room and toured around Seoul. That's where I met my now good friend, Brian. He gives great tours of Gangnam. I highly recommend joining his tours if you're in Seoul.

   Then I went to Suwon, a town outside of Seoul, in hot pursuit of trying to actually make contact with the above singer, XIA Kim Junsu. He was serving his mandatory military service. I thought that it might be feasible to grab a short visit while he was stuck in one place (not touring!). It didn't happen. The military in South Korea is much more strict about visitors then in Israel! 

   I heard about a program where one could engage in English language conversation with local Koreans in exchange for room and board (dormitory living). I was accepted to the Homestay English Language Academy in the city of Busan. The plan was to stay maybe a month or two. I wanted to gain insight and experience about life in Korea from the locals. Then life happened...

   I stayed in Busan for five months!!! Somewhere along the way I took a few short trips to Japan as well. I met good people in Busan and made friends. I loved the city, the beach and I was able to sustain myself by busking (street singing). I loved the language school. In speaking English with the locals I learned so much about Korea and began to feel quite at home.

   I thought about, and even explored options for further travel to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa as originally planned. Costs would be high and I really wasn't ready to leave Korea. So I looked for jobs. There were many teaching jobs available but I didn't want to teach. Other jobs were hard to find without a proper working visa.

   It was now January 2018. The new year. It was time to leave. I went to Seoul. It was winter and cold. I rented a room in Goshiwon. I had been living in a dorm with anywhere from 10 - 25 young people, all travelers who would come and go and mostly aged between 19 - 29. I had discovered the "force" that had pulled me to Korea. Long ongoing story which perhaps one day I will share. Meantime feel free to learn about "Twin Flames/Souls" to get some idea. Life had happened...

   I hadn't had much privacy for a long time and I wasn't able to think clearly. The energy/force revelation was also extremely overwhelming. I felt lost and I didn't know what I wanted to do next. I needed some quiet time to clear my head.

   I stayed in Seoul for two months, January and February. I discovered some music clubs where I was able to perform my own music and I enjoyed rediscovering that part of me. I met many musicians who were all very good. I heard a lot of original music, also all very good. I spent some time at the Chabad House on Shabbats.

   I stayed in my little room feeling content to just be alone with my thoughts. It was like a two month inner journey of reflection, meditation, healing and renewal. I checked out the job options in Seoul. I began to miss Busan. I also knew that at least I could earn money busking in Busan now that the weather would be getting warmer again. So I returned to Busan again. 

   I rented a room in a Goshiwon complex in Busan which was near the Homestay. It felt a bit like returning home but things were different now. I was renting and needed to earn money. I continued to peruse the job sites on Facebook and Craigslist. Then life happened...

   It was March 27th, my son's birthday, when the owner and co-worker of DXD Entertainment came to meet and interview me in Busan. I had contacted them after a referral from another agency. We clicked immediately and next thing I knew I had signed on as one of the talents being represented by this company. It felt right but I really hardly knew what hit me. I was now on my way to becoming a legal Korean resident (immigrant) in hopes of getting gigs and work in the field of my choice - entertainment! The catch? I'd be better off moving back to Seoul. 

   I had now been in Korea for nine months. I was about to give birth to a major life change. As usual my life was not going according to my original plan. It was very clear to me by now that my life was being orchestrated by the Divine and a much larger life plan was suddenly secured and put in place.

   This story continues in more blog posts to come. Stay posted! Meantime please visit and follow me on my Instagram page to stay updated with my newest adventures in South Korea. 



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