Winter Busking: Kit & Caboodle 2 FULL LIVE - Songs That Tickle the Imagination (Part 2)

Kit & Caboodle: Songs that Tickle the Imagination - LIVE for Rahel's Winter Busking Nov 21 2019
This is a broadcast of KIT & CABOODLE - original music for children by Betsy Rosenberg and me, Rahel. (c 1993 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)
1. Little Star
2. Bonnie Bathtub
3. Cowboy Cloud
4. My Bear
5. I'll Be FIne
6. Ooey Gooey
7. Princess Everyday
8. The Scaredy Song
9. Searching for a Whale

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Children's Art:

You can learn how to work musically with babies and young children (birth to 7 years) at:

All songs original by Betsy Rosenberg and Ann R. Silverman-Limor (aka Rahel)

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