Winter Busking 1: Original Songs by Rahel!

First of all let me just say that I LOVE BUSKING! 

Busking is another word for street singing. It's my absolute favorite thing to do. I meet so many wonderful people this way. They seem to enjoy my original music and also like making requests. I do my best at singing the songs they love to hear. If I don't know the song I will suggest something similar. Then I usually go home to learn the song requested for the next time. I must have at least 1000 songs in my tablet all ready for your requests! 

It's now mid-November in Seoul, South Korea and it's COLD!!! This means that busking outdoors is no longer an option. Now that we have Internet and the ability to perform "Live" online I have started a new online series called "Winter Busking". This is the first installment via Facebook. I've already done a few others on Instagram but failed to save them. 

The songs on this video are all original, except for the Happy Birthday song and Fan Letter: To Dylan from Israel, a poem by Esther Cameron which I put to music. Not all of these songs are available yet for purchase though you might enjoy the songs already finished. There are quite a few of them on my websites listed below. 

SONG LIST: 1. Happy Birthday song 2. Better Times 3. Didn't We 4. Down Blues 5. Eternal Forms of Light 6. Fan Letter: To Dylan from Israel (c Lyrics by Esther Cameron, Music by Rahel) 7. Rock-a-Bye Baby

If you like what you hear you can feel free to TIP ME or make a DONATION which is customary when seeing a busker on the street. 

You can also DOWNLOAD songs that are already available online for only $1 a song - or just pay what you like. There are a few FREE songs too. 

Enjoy the winter. I hope the music will help you get through the cold nights!! 



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