Holy Tunnels!

   Perhaps you are aware of the "Terror Tunnels" from Gaza to Israel. If not, please take a moment to learn how your tax dollars are being spent by Hamas and the terrorist regimes who are funding their efforts. I won't delve any further into this subject. I think it speaks for itself.

  On the civilized side (!) of the border,  in Israel, we also find tunnels. Over the decades Israel has invested in improving the roadways by way of ingenius design and planning that includes tunnels, bridges and more! The tunnels I am referring to, however, are more than thousands of years old. These tunnels are being revealed by archaeological research teams who are uncovering the remarkable lives of humanity's ancient ancestors.

   In the midst of our incredible Funk 'n Folklore Israel Tour, we took the time for an organized tour of the tunnels that exist underneath the Holy Western Wall (aka the Kotel, Wailing Wall) and the Old City of Jerusalem itself.

I think I've created enough links above for you to learn more details about the sites. Instead I will include some choice photos from our tour. Be sure to take your own tour when you get to Jerusalem!



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