Busking in Jerusalem

   There is a place to sing beautiful music on Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem's city center. This video clip was filmed by tourists visiting Israel from Turkey. We are now friends and maybe one day I'll be playing the streets of Turkey! It was a good day that day.

  The song I am singing in the video clip above is called "There is a Place". I enjoy performing this song because it is still not final. I improvise as I play it. It is a love song and I love Love songs! I also feel a deep connection with this song to the people I sing to who are living their last days in hospice. (I also am a Certified Clinical Musician - http://www.musicpractitioner.com). 

THERE IS A PLACE c 1996 by Rahel (aka Ann R. Silverman-LImor) 

There is a place
There is a place in my heart
There is a place
There is a place I find me
I find You
It's the place where our Love dwells
We can know no other
It's the place where our Love dwells
We have each other
We have each other

   Way back in 1976 I was one of the first buskers in Jerusalem. People would come, listen and also shout out that we should get a proper job.

   Even today, when buskers are abundant in certain parts of the world, music is still regarded as a hobby - sadly.

   I love busking! 
It's where you see life and meet the most interesting people. 


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