At Home in Israel

I'm here! 

I woke up today in Tiverya (Tiberias), Israel. I have a magnificent view of the Kinneret aka the Sea of Galilee.


The links highlighted in this post will give you a sense of what the region is like, things to do if you are here as a tourist, and a few insights about Israeli life, culture and music.

I'm here first and foremost for a family event - my daughters' wedding! 



I will be blogging more about Israel in upcoming posts. For now I'll focus on the flight.

I made it out of Boston, all bundled up in my winter clothes, right before the 4th Nor'easter of the season!


Are you flying to Israel? I highly recommend EL AL, Israel's airline company (no, I'm not being sponsored for this plug - hint hint). 

It's well known that Israel has the best security and technology. What is not well known is the great food you are treated to on El Al. It includes a bagel, cream cheese, pita and my all-time-favorite-can't-live-without CHUMOUS aka Hummus!

Going through security is a breeze. You're first greeted with a smile and a friendly chat by some very attractive staff. They can tell just by looking at and talking to you if you're a good or a bad guy. There's no need to unpack your entire suitcase and carry-on. Everything is whisked through a hi-tech scanner. I have to say, as a musician carrying a guitar and a ton of musical gear and electronics, this was a real life saver! For some reason you still have to take off your shoes but you are whisked quickly through the people-scanner (no need for the x-ray machine!). Then you have time to sit and relax before boarding. 

Most impressive for me as a musician was the careful handling of my guitar. Security laid it carefully on top of two plastic buckets to send it through the scanner. Upon boarding the plane the flight attendants took care to store my guitar in a cabin rather than in the overhead. I didn't even have to ask!! 

On board you can start learning, or brushing up on your Hebrew when talking to or with the flight attendants (and you can always learn via cyberspace with me!). You can download an app prior to the flight for on-board entertainment which includes Israeli TV. Read Hebrew subtitles if you want to test your speed reading abilities. While you're watching (or sleeping) you can snuggle up with one of those snugly blankets with head and arm-holes (don't I look beautiful in the photo below - ha ha ha).

I will leave you here to listen to the song, "V'ulai", lyrics written by Israel's poetess, Rahel, and sung by singer, Nehama Hendel. Stay there on youtube to hear a few more beautiful Israeli songs. One of my favorite singers is Shoshana Damari of loving memory. Sigh, those were the days! To learn a bit more about Israeli music have a look at another blog (just plucked off the web). I will sit back and take in the beautiful weather and view.


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