Northern Jaunt

Israel is full of interesting events and beautiful places to see. I'll be sharing more about sites in future posts. Meantime here is a glimpse from a brief jaunt in Northern Israel.

Starting with a car show (car show??!! yup) in Nahariya, we arrived a bit late which meant that there were not too many cars left to view. Those that we saw were mostly American models. You can see here below:

We decided to continue North to the Achziv Beach and stopped to wade in the water and smell the air of the Mediterranean Sea.

Continuing even further North towards the Lebanese border we stopped at another of my favorite places, Rosh HaNikra. However, we decided to simply take in the beautiful view rather then the walk the entire site or ride the Gondola. Why? We plan to do this trip again in a few weeks with other guests who have never been here.

Turning back we stopped for dinner at "HaBustan", a restaurant in Haifa that serves delicious Mizrahi food (Eastern or Oriental food - essentially food of the region for Jews and Arabs alike). Heaven, just heaven!

The birds enjoy the pickings after everyone finishes their meals!

So this post is a "teaser" the whet your appetite about some of the wonderful places in Northern Israel.


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