So I'm grounded, This was to be my first attempt at taking off. Even though I've made local trips before, this was to be the first trial flight as a nomad. It's winter in New England though. You know what they say about New England? "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute!" So here we are - - it's a  "Nor'easter". I didn't think this storm would affect my flight since I was scheduled for the late afternoon the next day. Then I got a phone call. "Your flight has been cancelled...

Boston BOS

Baltimore BWI

Due to unforeseen events, the following flight(s) have been cancelled.
DateFlightOperated byFromDepartureToArrival
March 03, 2018

In an effort to lessen the impact to your travel plans, we have confirmed you on the following flight(s).
Your new flight itinerary
DateFlightOperated byFromDepartureToArrival
March 04, 2018


SIX O'CLOCK AM????!!!!! 

My very comfortable 2:44pm flight was now a very UNcomfortable 6:00AM flight.

I contacted my friends for their advice. Can we all manage this change? It turns out that I am the only night owl here. Fortunately my friends are more than happy to receive me in the wee hours of the morning.

I'm happy to report that, although I've been grounded I am fortunate that this first trial trip left me stranded in the comfort of my dad's home. Should I be anywhere else in transit when my real touring begins it may not be as comfortable. Back to the drawing board. Let's also plan for the inevitable delays and cancellations too!

The good news... this morning I lay in bed, turned on the tv (I don't usually watch it) and, lo and behold, what did I glare at? Who remembers these shows WOO HOO!


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