Music for Healing during Corona Virus

Music for Healing Corona Virus by Rahel

Life moves in cycles. --- As the Corona Virus makes it way around the world to become a Global phenomenon we realize that it comes to remind us to take care of ourselves and to be kind, caring and compassionate to others.

I felt compelled to make an offering of music to help send a bit of "Medicinal Music" or "Energetic Medicine" for healing and relief from the stress. SONG LIST FOR THIS VIDEO:
All songs c by Rahel aka Ann R. Silverman-Limor ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 1) Ana El Na Rfa Na La 2) Refuah Sheleimah 3) Babylon / Al Naharot Bavel / Psalm 137: 1,2 4 4) I'll Say a Prayer 5) It Isn't Fair 6) Little Darling 7) New Moon 8) Yomam / Psalm 59: 11 THANK YOU JAMES for saving this live stream from my Instagram post! More music is available at: Album of "Medicinal Music" by Rahel at: https://acousticbreezesrahel.bandcamp... Downloads of albums or individual songs are available at: https://acousticbreezesrahel.bandcamp... Instagram: @rahelinkorea Rahel Music for Healing Corona Virus March 16 2020


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